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Viscoelastic properties for thermoplastic material

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11-25-2013 04:33 AM

Hello everyone,


Does Moldflow account for viscoelasticity when simulating the shrinkage and warpage of thermoplastics?

According to the ‘User’s Guide’ there should be an option for the ‘Viscoelastic properties data’:

MF viscoelstic prop help.jpg


But I haven’t found any material in the database that has viscoelastic properties. Neither was I able to find this function for a user defined thermoplastic material.


Could you please tell me how to access this dialog for viscoelastic data? And how does the simulation account for viscoelasticity when calculating the shrinkage and warpage (which model? E.g. Maxwell)?


Thanks in advance




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Re: Viscoelastic properties for thermoplastic material

11-25-2013 03:06 PM in reply to: mmbalog

Viscoelastic calculations for shrinkage and warpage have not found their ways to commercial Autodesk Moldflow products yet. They are present only in tech previews (aka Scandiums), e.g.. the latest Autodesk Moldflow TP Scandium 2014. Not many thermoplastic materials are present in the public database for this release (a couple of dozens if my memory serves me well).

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