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Using results from Abaqus interface for MoldFlow to structural analysis

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01-28-2013 04:34 AM

Hello to all,

I have exported de residual stresses from MoldFlow to Abaqus (ran the mpi2abq scrip to create the files), and I am able to view the initial stresses in Abaqus/CAE through the .odb file.

To create the .odb file i use the Abaqus command line:


identifier: name

input file: job_mesh


I would like however, to take these results and use them as initial conditions or something like that, and continue the analysis, adding loads and boundary conditions, etc.


On the other hand, if I follow the steps described in "Abaqus Interface for MoldFlow User's Guide":

abaqus moldflow job=name 3D initial_stress=on


when trying to run the analysis i get the error in the image attached.

I believe it is not linking the initial stress to the right element...


Please, can someone help me with this? Maybe I am skipping some step in between...

I was also wondering if some user subroutine would be necessary (something like SIGINI)....