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Technology Preview Scandium 2014 is available right now!

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08-21-2013 12:00 PM

Dear Moldflow users,


A new version of the Autodesk Technology preview Scandium is availble on labs right now!




This version of Scandium uses Autodesk Simulation Moldflow 2014 desktop licenenses and has an expiration date of February 9th 2014.


Highlights of this version of Scandium are:

  • New Parametric Study option in Optimization

    In the Optimization section of the Study tasks, you now find an option to do a Parameter Study. This allows you to vary one or multiple processing parameters through a pre-defined value range. The results are published in a .csv file that can be found in the project directory, and can be read in to programs like Excel for interpretation.

  • 3D Injection-Compression and 3D Compression molding enhancements

    For both the thermoset and thermoplastic processes the 3D Injection Compression and 3D Compression molding processes also allow the inclusion of the cooling process in the analysis sequence. Part inserts can now also be included in these analysis processes.

  • 3D Part Inserts can have orthotropic material properties

    In addition to Metal and Polymer (with isotropic mechanical properties), an insert can now have user defined orthotropic material properties. Users can use this to provide properties of an insert made of for instance wood or a composite material.

  • New Core Shift boundary condition

    A new "one sided constraint" boundary condition was added for the Core shift analysis. The one sided constraint allows you to restrict movement in for instance negative X-direction, but leave the movement in positive X-direction free (or define a maximum possible deflection).

  • New Results for Midplane/Dual Domain and 3D

    For Midplane and Dual Domain, there is a new "Flow front velocity" result (already existed in 3D). For 3D Flow there is a new "Hold pressure" result (which was already available in Midplane and Dual Domain).

  • Gate Freeze improvements

    Improvements were made to the flow codes to improve the gate freeze prediction in some cases. The improvement should lead to an improved prediction of the pressure in the cavity, an improved volumetric shrinkage prediction and improvements in the warpage prediction.

  • Dual Domain and 3D meshing improvements

    Bad quality elements in the gate area can negatively affect the analysis accuracy. The Dual Domain and 3D meshers now both have an option to refine the mesh in the area of the injection location (NOTE: the current version of this feature does not include a mesh matching step an therefore may not be appropriate for Dual Domain). The mesher will also produce less high aspect ratio elements.


    For a complete overview of the Scandium capabiliteis, please find the attached what's new document:


Hanno van Raalte,

Product Manager for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow products
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Re: Technology Preview Scandium 2014 is available right now!

09-26-2013 11:51 PM in reply to: raalteh

Parametric Study with Injection Compression Moulding 3D (see also attachment)


In a parametric study I've defined 2 variables(Press Open Distance and Compression starts by % volume filled). In the Results Comparison Explorer the Press Open Distance value was not modified and set to 0 (initial value 0.5). When the variables are set and I re-open the parametric study builder the Press Open Distance parameter is unchecked.


When I select and set only one variable (Press Open Distance ) after re-open the parametric study builder, the Press Open Distance parameter is unchecked again


Sorry ,

I did forget the attachment



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Re: Technology Preview Scandium 2014 is available right now!

10-10-2013 11:30 AM in reply to: PeterStaeblein7802

Hi Peter,


Thank you for reporting this. We look into this.


Best regards,



Hanno van Raalte,

Product Manager for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow products