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Structural Alliance 2014 - Abaqus - Plugin

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03-30-2014 09:04 AM

Hi everybody.


I have a quick question. Is it possible for AMSA 2014 to export and analyze a assembly containing two parts (mold component and part insert)?

I have tried numerous times to export my "working" model from Abaqus to MF Insight 2014, but I always get two studies. For each part one study.

So I have problems combining the two parts to the original assembly.



Has anybody tips or is there some good documentation? Or can somebody provide me an step - by - step explanation?


I already tried to import the part insert into the first study, but this doesn't work. It can be solved within MF though, but the export back to Abaqus fails.




Best regards





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Re: Structural Alliance 2014 - Abaqus - Plugin

04-01-2014 10:00 AM in reply to: Balu123



This is actually behaving as designed. The assumption is that the Structural model would/could contain an assembly of multiuple components, some of which would be plastic, some not. These items are exported separatel, so they could be analysed within Moldflow separately.


The scenario of including the Mold with a part was not anticipated as a workflow.


Having said that ... you can use the 'add' function to add one study into another. You probably have to do a few things to get to work:

1) the study that includes the 'Mold', I suggest you make sure that you assign a 'Mold' property to the model and save the model.

2) duplicate part that contains the study file (so you have your orrigina model saved).

3) Open the duplicate model and use the 'Add' option to import the model of the Mold into this new study file. (Home tab, click on 'Add' in the top left of the ribbon, or Click on the Moldflow logo (top left) > Open > Add.


I hope this work for you.





Hanno van Raalte,

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Re: Structural Alliance 2014 - Abaqus - Plugin

04-01-2014 12:39 PM in reply to: raalteh
Hello Hanno,
thanks for your reply. I still have some questions, so maybe you could provide further information:
So even if I have a hybrid structure (mold with part insert) I will get 2 studies?

Doesn't this cause problems? If I run a Fill,Pack and Warp analysis, the part insert would be not considered as I can't really analyse the part insert (which is metal in my case) on its own.


I already added the missing part insert in the remaining study and analysed it, if I would do it in MF alone. But the export back to abaqus with help of the Amsa Analyze-Wizard within Abaqus does not recognize the results (something out of range).

As I understand it, AMSA is used to map the MF mesh to an existing Abaqus mesh and deliver some information (fiber orientation, ...) back to Abaqus.

If I mess with the study, which the wizard creates, chances are relatively high, it doesn't work.


And it wouldn't be the same study, which is described in the *.mcr file.


Sorry, if this are simple questions, but I recently started using this plugin, so I am far from professional.