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Sink mark prediction by 3D mesh result

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02-08-2014 04:28 AM

Good Day,


I would get technical support about Moldflow. We will produce a part by PMMA material. You can find the basic dimensions of part which I mentioned on the attach. When I make sink mark analysis on moldflow, I see sink marks about 0.0056mm-0.0028mm on analysis.


According to my experiance; At these values, we haven't seen any sink mark on the surface of real parts which are produced with different material.


A) Is there any special values for PMMA material for non noticeability on real parts?


B) What do you think about our values(0.0056mm-0.0028mm)which we see on sink mark analysis?



Process conditions;

Filling pressure      = 70 Mpa - 9 seconds.

Fill time                    = 1.2 seconds.

Mold temp.              =  80C

Melt temp.                = 240C  


The part dimensions                    : Lenght 340 mm and nominal thickness 2mm

Gate type                                         : Valve gate(Hot runner system)

Gate diameter                                : 2.5mm

Flow path ratio(For material)       : 170mm(The injection location is middle of part)





Thank you!


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Re: Sink mark prediction by 3D mesh result

02-17-2014 03:00 PM in reply to: FK1985

Hello FK1985!!!


the sink mark value is too low!! i think no represent any problem in the injection process!!!

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Re: Sink mark prediction by 3D mesh result

04-01-2014 02:01 AM in reply to: FK1985



In this case i suppose your part's Nominal thickness is less than or equal to 3mm approximately then there is a quite 100% chance of getting sink mark free part.




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Re: Sink mark prediction by 3D mesh result

04-04-2014 02:20 AM in reply to: FK1985

Try with very fine mesh and during meshing use advance front. hope it helps

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