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Simulation of In-mold label - What is meant by "interface conductance"?

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01-15-2013 10:50 PM

High there!


I try to simulate an in-mold labeling process with AMI 2013 and now search for a proper value for the interface conductance of polycarbonate film with a thickness of 250 µm. The value rquired from Moldflow should has the unit [W/m^2*°C].


Either the film manufacturers (Bayer & MacDermid) nor the professors at my university know the term interface conductance. They all reference to the heat conductivity of polycarbonate that is about 0.2 W/m*K but has an different unit!


My questions are:


What is exaclty meant by the "interface conductance". Is this the heat transfer coefficient U?


Can I divide the heat conductivity by the film thickness (0.2 W/m*K : 0.00025m) to get the "interface conductance" of 800 W/m^2*K ? Or can somebody please give me the proper value for the "interface conductance" of polycarbonat film.


Thanks for supporting me!

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Re: Simulation of In-mold label - What is meant by "interface conductance&q

01-16-2013 10:58 PM in reply to: heinemma

the thermal conductivity for the polymer in the in-mold label, you will get when assigning the polymer material.

Interface conductance specifies the ability of heat to be dissipated from the selected region of the mold.
A greater interface conductance means the greater the ability for heat to be extracted.

See Help:
Modeling > Cooling system > Cooling considerations > Interface conductance




Berndt Nordh
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