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Simulation of fillers with flake shape

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04-09-2013 10:36 PM

Hello we try to simulate some test bodys (Plates 50x50x1,2and3 mm). Our goal is to predict the orientation of zylindrical copper plates.


Now the Question is how to define the filler properties, there you need to specifie a l/d ratio. Our plates are 1µm thick and have an Diameter of 38µm. Is the ratio in this case 38 or is it 1/38?


Has anyone tried to simulated plate shaped fillers yet and can make some suggestions on how ci-value and rsc-value have to been set to reach good results?


Would be great to hear from you.


Thanks in advance



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Re: Simulation of fillers with flake shape

04-10-2013 04:35 AM in reply to: klemar05

regarding aspect ratio for flake and mica fillers:

Aspect Ratio  Reinforcement Type
0< AR < 1        Oblate or disk-like shapes (eg, mica, flakes) 
AR > 1             Prolate or cylindrical shape (eg, fiber) 
AR = 1             Spherical or cubic shaped fillers 

For flakes as in your case it should be 1/38, 0.0263


Berndt Nordh
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