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Shrinkage Properties

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10-02-2013 11:34 PM



I was researching warpage results in 3D analysis but i could not find any information about shrinkage values.

Then i checked material details=>Shrinkage properties . No value has been written.

Does it means warpage analysis have been made without shrinkage ?


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Re: Shrinkage Properties

10-03-2013 02:12 AM in reply to: karelkalip

Shrinkage propeties are used to make some corrections in 2.5D (midplane and fusion) analysis. 3D analysis predicts shrinkage from the first principles.

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Re: Shrinkage Properties

10-05-2013 01:09 AM in reply to: Alex.Bakharev

Thanks, but how can i find information about 'First principles' ?

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Re: Shrinkage Properties

10-06-2013 10:43 PM in reply to: karelkalip

Hello Lavent,


The following shrinkage models are available in this product:

1) Uncorrected residual stress

This option will be selected when there is no shrinkage data available for the material. In this case, the Fill+Pack analysis predicts the residual stress values within in the part, based on the flow and thermal history during the molding cycle.

2) Corrected residual in-mold stress (CRIMS)

This option is the default when shrinkage testing has been performed on the material. This shrinkage is the most accurate because it is obtained by correlating actual tested shrinkage Values with Fill+Pack analysis predictions.

3) Residual strain

This option is selected for those materials where the CRIMS model was found to not adequately describe the shrinkage behavior of the material.


For more info refer:

http://wikihelp.autodesk.com/search?source=help&product=Simulation Moldflow&q=shrinkage models&language=ENU


Whenever shrinkage values are not given that means it is using first shrinkage model.


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