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Save Quick Access Toolbar

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08-01-2012 08:49 AM

Hi, I've putted some tools in the Quick Access Toolbar.

When I close Moldflow and I start it again the tools there are no more.

It seems not to be saved.


If I open the file SynergyState_enu.xlm in the

....\AppData\Roaming\Autodesk\Autodesk Moldflow Insight 2012\Release

I see:

    <QuickAccessToolBar ContentFile="/AirSynResourcesI18n;component/Resources/Xml/SynergyRibbon.xml">
      <Content DefaultCommands="31">
        <Items Count="14" AreCustomizeVisibilityItemPositionsFixed="True">
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_New_New Project_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_Open_Open Project_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_ImportGeometry_Import_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_Save_Save Study_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_Undo_Undo_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_Redo_Redo_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_ActionHistory_Action History_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_Print_Print_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=QAT_Sep1_Separator_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_QATCapture_Capture_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Item=ID_CaptureOptions_Capture Options_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Separator Style="Line" Width="7" />
          <Item Cookie="Tab=ID_Reports_Reports_Reports/Panel=ID_ImagesPanel_Image Capture_Images/Item=ID_SaveImageToFile_To File_" IsVisible="True" />
          <Item Cookie="Tab=ID_Reports_Reports_Reports/Panel=ID_ImagesPanel_Image Capture_Images/Item=ID_SaveAnimationToFile_Animation_" IsVisible="True" />
        <StandardItems Count="11">
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_New_New Project_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_Open_Open Project_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_ImportGeometry_Import_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_Save_Save Study_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_Undo_Undo_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_Redo_Redo_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_ActionHistory_Action History_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_Print_Print_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=QAT_Sep1_Separator_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_QATCapture_Capture_" />
          <StandardItem Cookie="Item=ID_CaptureOptions_Capture Options_" />


but in "StandardItem Cookie" I see nothing compare "Items Count".

How can I do?


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Re: Save Quick Access Toolbar

08-03-2012 12:58 AM in reply to: biricio

Did you try with 2013 ?

There was an issue with 2012 and windows 7 for quick access toolbar which has been solved for 2013.

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Re: Save Quick Access Toolbar

08-03-2012 02:49 AM in reply to: yannick.moret

Hi, thanks for the answer.
Unfortunately I have the 2012 and my company for now does not want to go to 2013.
Do you think changing the code (SynergyState_enu.xlm) you can do something?