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Rubber rheological model

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11-17-2009 07:03 AM
Our PhD student simulates injection molding of some new rubber blends. There are not their properties in the MF database. He can do some rheological and DSC studies. But he has problems to determinate constants of viscosity model eg.: tau*, c1.
Could anyone help us
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Re: Rubber rheological model

11-27-2009 05:12 AM in reply to: heneczkowski
Second that :smileyhappy:

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Re: Rubber rheological model

11-27-2009 09:04 PM in reply to: heneczkowski
It can be done in EXCEL with the solver function
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Re: Rubber rheological model

12-01-2009 04:19 AM in reply to: heneczkowski
Hi there!

I think You should contact Autodesk Plastic Labs. They will give You an excel sheet with the required information for the material. (From there you will see what measurements You have to carry out to be able to use your material in Mflow.) They are also capable of carrying out the whole measurements for a "hell of a money". :smileyhappy: After the measurements they will "translate" your measured data to "moldflow data". I mean the constants and coefficients used by the Tait equation used by Mflow. IF YOUR MATERIAL'S RHEOLOGICAL BEHAVIOUR CAN BE DESCRIBED WITH TAIT EQUATION.

I hope it helped!

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rheological model

09-21-2011 04:17 AM in reply to: solymossy

Is it possible to run a model without PVT information?

I can't seem to find any information on the 2-domain pvT tait model.

I was hopeing I could find an equation that would link the 13 variables with the graph of density vs temperature at different pressures.