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Process setting crash

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10-03-2012 12:27 AM


I am working with MF2013 sp2 and often when right clicking on process settings (any kind of project, mesh2d-3d, large or small model) the software freeze for a long time (saying 'not responding' in task manager). Usually, the proc.set. window become available again, but only after a long period (from about 30 min. to 5-6h).

This did not happen with MF 2012.  I can not tell if this is a problem in the system or software.

MF is installed on a 280 GB hd (24GB free) and is running on Win XP professional 64 sp2, with Xeon CPU 2.26 GHz and 24 GB ram. Project are stored in another 280 GB hd (34 GB free). There is someone else who had the same problem?

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