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Problem with fiber-orientation result

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11-27-2013 10:03 PM

Hi everyone,


I've got some problems with the fiber orientation results i get with my macro:


UserInput0(1) = Inputbox("Bitte x-Koordinaten des Startpunktes eingeben: (XX)")
UserInput0(2) = Inputbox("Bitte y-Koordinaten des Startpunktes eingeben: (YY)")
UserInput0(3) = Inputbox("Bitte z-Koordinaten des Startpunktes eingeben: (ZZ)")
UserInput1(1) = Inputbox("Bitte x-Koordinaten des Endtpunktes eingeben: (XX)")
UserInput1(2) = Inputbox("Bitte y-Koordinaten des Endtpunktes eingeben: (YY)")
UserInput1(3) = Inputbox("Bitte z-Koordinaten des Endtpunktes eingeben: (ZZ)")
'UserInput1 = Inputbox("Bitte Koordinaten des Endpunktes eingeben: (XX, YY, ZZ)")
Pfad = Inputbox ("Bitte Pfad und Name der Resultfile angeben (C:\...\DATEINAME.txt")

     Set Synergy = CreateObject("synergy.Synergy")
     Synergy.SetUnits "Metric"
     Set PlotManager = Synergy.PlotManager()
     Set Viewer = Synergy.Viewer()
     Set Plot = PlotManager.CreatePlotByDsID(4021, True)
     Plot.SetXYPlotShowLegend True
     Set Viewer = Synergy.Viewer()
     Set Plot = Viewer.ActivePlot()
     Set Plot = PlotManager.FindPlotByName2("Fiber orientation tensor:Probe XYPlot", "Fiber orientation tensor on nodes (3D)")
     Set VectorA = Synergy.CreateVector()
     Set VectorB = Synergy.CreateVector()
     VectorA.SetXYZ  ""& UserInput0(1),"" & UserInput0(2),"" & UserInput0(3) 							'ERSTE VEKTORKOORDINATE (Startpunkt des Vektors)'
     VectorB.SetXYZ  ""& UserInput1(1),""& UserInput1(2),""& UserInput1(3) 							'ZWEITE VEKTORKOORDINATE (Endpunkt des Vektors)'
     Plot.AddProbePlotProbeLine VectorA, VectorB
     Plot.Regenerate 'Erneute Generation des probePlots, um Datenpunkte darzustellen'
     Viewer.ShowPlot Plot
     Plot.SaveXYPlotCurveData ("" & Pfad )							'AUSGABE DER ERGEBNISDATEI'


 The first and the biggest problem is, that MF don't exactly uses my input coorinates. It puts the "point" at a place where my Mold-Surface is, not deeper, (the Mold is not visible). So i don't understand why it does this:



The blue point is the point where MF places the point and the red point are the coordinates which I have input.



My second problem is, that when I create a LCS and activate it, Moldflow completly ignores it when I put in my coordinates. It uses the old system.



Hope you can help me.



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Re: Problem with fiber-orientation result

12-02-2013 01:20 AM in reply to: MFI-MaF



can anybody help me to solve this problem? I don't get it working correctly.




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Re: Problem with fiber-orientation result

12-04-2013 02:28 AM in reply to: MFI-MaF

Is it possible that this macro don't work with a simulation which is with a mold-mesh?