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Pressure Values Intrepration

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09-16-2013 06:24 AM


Can someone help me in interpreting the processing data from Injection molding machine to MPI inputs.


In process data sheet following are mentioned...

1) Injection time (2.5 Sec)

2) Injection Pressure (950 Bar)

3) Packing Pressure (750 Bar)


I believe the injection/packing pressure mentioned in the data sheet is measured value at the pump.


Injection pressure is a derived value in MPI. When I used 2.5 Sec as injection time then I found pressure at V/P is about 350 bar....


So, my question is what value of Packing pressure should i use in MPI  "packing control" ?

if i use 750 bar for 10 sec, does it reflect the same setting as in the data sheet ??


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Re: Pressure Values Intrepration

09-24-2013 07:32 AM in reply to: klp2kor



I attach a document that will help you match the Mold Process to Autodesk Moldflow Insight.


You should not assume any value, a lot of the time the values on the setting sheet are pump value but you should check. And if they are, in Moldflow we work with specific values so you should find out the intensification ratio of the machine to convert to specific values.

Have you modeled the runner system on your model. If you have not. This may account for the lower switch over pressure you are seeing.


Please read the attached document as this goes into a lot more detail than I can put done in this post.

Paul Larter
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