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Occurence number for Part inserts.

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03-20-2013 02:53 AM

We are trying to run only fill analyses (3D)  for multi cavity mold with parts inserts with applying occurrence number.


We could able to apply occurrence number to parts elements, feed system beam elements, but we could not assign occurrence number parts inserts (tetra elements).


As per mold flow help, it should be possible to assign a occurrence to parts inserts also, but we failed to assign occurrence number. Moldflow_help_screen_capture.png



But when we try to applying occurrence number to parts inserts (3D) at properties, there is no option for occurrence number.




Is it possible to apply occurrence to part insert or not?  


If yes how to apply? If not any other alternative to do so?



Madhukeshwar Talwar


Madhukeshwar Talwar

mail: madhukeshwart@gmail.com
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Re: Occurence number for Part inserts.

03-20-2013 07:39 AM in reply to: madhukeshwart


Hi madhu


I know in Core shift analysis you can not apply occurance number for the 3D core


Part insert in 3D analysis it is not possible to apply occurance number to part insert








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Re: Occurence number for Part inserts.

03-22-2013 03:28 AM in reply to: sdpimple


you do not need Occurrence number for part insert.
Occurence numbers are used by the flow solver basically as a factor for the volume of material to fill.
It is there to simplify the model, and to take into account the different identical flow paths and cavities in volume calculation.

The occurrence number property is not supported for:
  • All Cool analysis related entities (channel, bubbler, baffle, hose, part insert).
  • Core (Stress analysis used for core shift prediction does not support occurrence numbers).
Note: Occurrence numbers are supported for Fill+Pack analyses only. If you intend to also run a Cool or Warp analysis, you will need to model all flow paths explicitly.

I believe the help information needs to be updated.


Berndt Nordh
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