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[NODALO- 29] problem reading load information (warpage simulation)

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02-06-2013 11:22 PM


has anybody encountered the following error message at the beginning of a warp analysis (and then the simulation is terminated without generating any warpage results):


Launching structural analysis program...

Reading structural analysis input file...
[NODALO- 29] Problem reading load information
 Problem in the input file at line # 257042

Background information:

a self-created user-material was used for a 3D-model including hot runner- and cooling system (both with beam elements).

The model runs without problems with an arbitrarily selected material from the moldflow database.

There is no obvious reason why the warp simulation would not start due to the udb-file (cool, fill and pack runs without problems) and for me the only critical material data for warpage analysis are the mechanical data which seem to be reasonable...


What else could be the reason for such an error message?


Thomas Lucyshyn

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Re: [NODALO- 29] problem reading load information (warpage simulation)

02-11-2013 05:07 AM in reply to: ThomasLucyshyn2497


the reason for this is not obvious, and to troubleshoot this the study is needed.

I will contact you directly.

Kind Regards,


Berndt Nordh