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Moldflow insight 2013

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11-13-2012 09:27 AM

Can you tell Moldflow a specific gate diameter when your model (mesh) is in Dual Domain? I know how to do it in 3d but I have a .016" wall thickness part and I should not have to run it in 3D.


thanks for the help

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Re: Moldflow insight 2013

11-14-2012 10:38 AM in reply to: matt2279

Hello Matt,


There is currently not a way to specify a gate contact diameter for Dual Domain.  We originally introduced this feature in 3D, because 3D used to artificially assume a gate contact diameter based off the mesh density in that region of the part when only an injection location was used.  This produced fill imbalances on 3D parts with multiple injection locations since it's hard to ensure the exact same mesh density in all of the gating regions.  The gate contact diameter setting corrected this.


Dual Domain never had this issue since it simply viewed the injection location as a mathematical starting point for the flow calculations.  For this reason, we never had the need to implement a gate contact diameter setting for it.  The feature was never intended to replace modeling the feed system, but I can see where it might be convenient in the preliminary design process.  A common workaround is to model a few gate beams and place the injection location on the end of the modeled gate.  This should be pretty quick to do and will give a better idea on how the gate geometry will have an influence.  Once you have a good idea on your gate locations, we should hopefully plan to have the full feed system modeled.


Thank You,


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