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Moldflow 2015! Important information included!!

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04-07-2014 03:17 PM

Dear Moldflow Users,


I’m happy to inform you that in the next few days the Moldflow 2015 products will become available for subscription customers.  If you are a customer on active subscription, your contract manager should receive emails from Autodesk with serial numbers and product keys as well as indications that the product is available for download from subscription center. For the Insight Products you should expect separate notifications for Synergy and the Insight solvers.


If your company elected to receive DVD instead of an electronic downloads, your new 2015 DVD will be sent per mail.

To download your products, log into subscription center with your AutodeskID, then click on the yellow ‘Get Your Upgrade’. On the page that follows you should find the products that are associated with your login.  TIP: if you are missing your existing products, you may try to switch the language setting option to ‘English’.



  • For important information for successful installation, please read the Read Me First document for Moldflow Insight here, before installing the software.
  • If you go to subscription center right after you receive your first notification, you may not see all your products yet. You can start installing your product right way, but you may have to wait a little until all your products are upgraded to 2015 and are available for download.  The upgrades should complete within a few days.
  • Once installing the product, you HAVE TO UN-INSTALLL your 2014 (or older) version of the Autodesk Network License Manager and INSTALL the 2015 Autodesk Network License Manager. The 2015 product will NOT work with the 2014 (or older) license manager, but your current Moldflow 2014 or 2013 product will work with the 2015 license manager.
    For detailed installation instructions, please follow the information provided in the online help system here. You can Download the License manager by starting any of the Moldflow 2015 product installers, and click the ‘Install Tools & Utilities’ button on the first pages of the product installer, to the left of the ‘Install on this computer’ button.
  • Don’t forget to register your product and create a license for your 2015 product.
  • The Inventor Fusion Installation is not included in the Moldflow Synergy installation as last year, but is a separate download form Subscription Center in the ‘Extra’s’ tab from the Synergy 2015 product download page. The Inventor Fusion is again available for free to the Moldflow customers.
Hanno van Raalte,

Product Manager for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow products
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Re: Moldflow 2015! Important information included!!

04-08-2014 08:14 AM in reply to: raalteh

if you have been a Moldflow 2015 beta tester, please read:
How to uninstall Moldflow 2015 beta software


Berndt Nordh
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Re: Moldflow 2015! Important information included!!

04-09-2014 02:43 AM in reply to: nordhb
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Re: Moldflow 2015! Important information included!!

04-23-2014 01:25 AM in reply to: raalteh



interesting behaviour in 2015:


In the layer screen, the name of my layers after meshing are in german (neuer körper dreiecke, neuer körper knoten) but rest of software is in english.


For me no problom but a bit strange.





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