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Meshtransfer from Moldflow to Hypermesh

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12-04-2013 12:12 AM

Hi everybody, 


ist it possible to export a mesh of the moldflow mesher, so that I can import it to hypermesh?

Patran is not working in my case!





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Re: Meshtransfer from Moldflow to Hypermesh

12-04-2013 01:28 AM in reply to: phammer

you can publish to Altair .h3d :
S > Publish > Altair Hyper3D.


Please, see:
ASMI Help >  User's Guide > Import and Export > Exporting models and files > Publish to Altair Hyper3D


You need at least HyperView 9.0.


I have no experience of if the mesh in the .h3d-file can be used further.
Maybe someone in the forum has.


You might also be able to use an script from command line, mpi2-command, such as mpi2nas and more.

Look up help for further export commands.


Hope this helps.



Berndt Nordh