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Meshing error

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06-01-2014 02:38 AM

Hello everyone


I was trying the 2015 Insight (I am beginner) but it seems not to work. Everytime i try to mesh, it gets an error, but the log displays only a "C n" error message, and I don't know what it means. Any idea? Schreenshot is attached.



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Re: Meshing error

06-03-2014 01:25 PM in reply to: aleclipse90

Hello aleclipse90,


The "C" and "n" in your Log file indicate that the solvers (Moldflow Insight) has not been installed. Moldflow requires both the user interface (Synergy) and the solvers (Insight) to be installed in order to run an analysis. To resolve this, download and install Insight from the Subscription Center and rerun your analysis.





Kristen Kilroy