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Mesh fails, no reason given...

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06-20-2013 08:34 AM



The software is only allowing me to mesh with global edge length of 12mm or larger. This size is not suitable for the part I am trying to mesh. When using a lower global edge length a window pops up telling me my mesh has failed and to view the analysis log for more details. There are no details. Please advise as I need a tighter mesh and the software is not allowing me.

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Re: Mesh fails, no reason given...

06-21-2013 02:48 PM in reply to: fieldmoldsolutions

Hello Casey/Steve,


I believe we were able to resolve this issue during our call, but I wanted to post the final outcome for the benefit of other users out there as well.


When using the chord height control setting in the mesher, it's important to ensure we adjust the global edge length as well.  If the chord height control setting is set to be really refined and the global edge length is fairly large then this can possibly cause the mesher to fail.  The reason being, it will try to place a really refined mesh on small fillets/rounds to try and capture their curvature, but the large global edge lengths can make it difficult to transition (especially where several fillets/round blend together) between those areas and the less detailed main part body.  Decreasing the global edge length resolved the issue and resulted in a better quality mesh in the end.


Thank You,


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