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material import

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08-29-2013 04:37 AM

Dear all,

              some of the material not available in our moldfloe material database.

i want to import new material into database.

i want to know is it possible?

if possible means how to import?

and which format required to import?

pls help me anyone....

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Re: material import

08-29-2013 05:09 AM in reply to: prabu27

the format used for material database is called udb, a Moldflow specific file.

It is possible to have a personal databases.

In Help look in:
Materials and databases
Materials and databases > Material databases
Materials and databases > Material databases > Personal databases

What you can do:
- Contact the material supplier and ask for an udb-file for the material

- If you have measured data, raw data, of material you can contact
and get measured data fitted and an udb-file for analysis in return.
(material supplier might have measured raw data of the material?)

Autodesk Moldflow Plastics Labs information at:

Hope this helps.

Berndt Nordh
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