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Macros in MPI

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05-20-2013 03:20 AM

Hi All,

I'm using MPI 6 and I want to make a Macro to recall which is gonig to save 10 images in sequence for the open analysis result (for example a fill analysis) after having asked which is the root name to be used : how can I do this ?



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Re: Macros in MPI

05-22-2013 03:44 AM in reply to: andreans76

May it helps.

Set Synergy = CreateObject("synergy.Synergy")
Synergy.SetUnits "Metric"
Set PlotManager = Synergy.PlotManager()
Set Viewer = Synergy.Viewer()

'save Plot 1
Set Plot1 = PlotManager.FindPlotByName2("Air traps", "Air traps")
Viewer.ShowPlot Plot1
Viewer.SaveImage "D:\myImage1.jpg"

'save Plot2
Set Plot2 = PlotMgr.FindPlotByName2("Time to reach ejection temperature", "Time to freeze")
Viewer.ShowPlot Plot2
Viewer.SaveImage "D:\myImage2.jpg"


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