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Is the GPU only important when using it as a GPGPU?

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02-08-2013 06:11 AM

I've run both low-end professional graphics, high-end professional graphics, and high-end gamer graphics cards with Moldflow.  Haven't noticed a difference.  High element models are sluggish and low element models are fine on all of them.  Ignoring using the GPGPU functionality of the graphics card, does it even matter?  The reason is, I am looking for a quad core ivy bridge laptop for running moldflow on the road, but want to keep it on a budget.  If a HD4000 vs. a high-end professional or gamer graphics card doesn't make a difference and saves me $1000, I'll be happy.


Does anyone run Moldflow on integrated graphics and see a difference?  I am not worried about the small impact the cpu and gpu sharing resources would have.

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