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How works the mesh transfer between moldflow and cfd

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12-04-2013 12:16 AM

Hi everybody, 


I try to understand how the mesh transfer works between Moldflow and CFD. 


So if I got it right

- Moldflow transfer the cad data to cfd

- cfd meshes the body, but in what. tetras or hybrid. Moldflow can only handle tetras, right?

- after calculation in cfd, the mesh and result data will be transfered to moldflow


Does CFD only unses tetra meshes when working together with moldflow?





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Re: How works the mesh transfer between moldflow and cfd

12-04-2013 09:23 AM in reply to: phammer

Hello Philipp,

To answer your questions, CFD only uses tetrahedrals.  Moldflow calls the CFD mesher (which uses all tetrahedrals), then calls the CFD solver to run the conformal cooling, then the results are presented in Moldflow.


Thank you

Caitlin Tschappat