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Frozen Layer Fraction - Gas Assist (3D, 2014)

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10-15-2013 09:24 AM


I have a question about the new Frozen Layer Fraction result in 3D for 2014, for Gas Assisted Injection Molding analysis.  When looking at the result with a gas filled part, in the gas filled area, does the frozen fraction take the empty space into account as not being frozen?  In other words, does a 0.25 fraction mean the part is 100% frozen if the area is filled with 75% gas?


Take a look at the attached images showing gas core and frozen fraction after 100s cooling.  Then look at the molten material (all material above transition Temperature of 231.8 F), and you will see that some areas show no molten material where the frozen fraction is still ~0.25.  Makes me think the gas in between is taken into account with the frozen layer fraction.

Please let me know if I am correct in my assumptions.




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Re: Frozen Layer Fraction - Gas Assist (3D, 2014)

10-17-2013 04:34 AM in reply to: Nick182


the gas analysis with 3D mesh doesn't report the thickness of polymer skin, thus the percentage of frozen layer is referred to the original part thickness before gas injection.