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exporting deformed geometry for FEA

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11-13-2013 07:24 AM




I would like to know if anyone could help us in exporting a deformed (after shrink) geometry from Insight to be used in a FEA package.

We used with STL format but the results is very poor..



Thanks for helping

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Re: exporting deformed geometry for FEA

11-13-2013 11:36 AM in reply to: alain.benchissou

you can export a warped shape.
To export to other formats than STL or udm, it needs to be done in two steps:

check the Deflection results
tab Results, Export and Publish > Warp Shape
or upper left "S" and Export > Warpage/Mesh geometry.
Now, you can export to stl format or model file.

As going to other CAE system, select Model File, Direction: Actual, and Scale Factor: 1.
The warped mesh is saved in binary udm format.
(Not sure this can be used and imported by receiving system.)

Import the exported udm file to Synergy and save it.
Then to export select: Upper left "S" and Export > Model.
Then select to export in patran, ascii udm, mfl or unv format:
Patran format should be accepted by receiving system.

Hope this helps.

Berndt Nordh