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Effect of weld line in mechanical properties of the part

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09-26-2012 05:35 AM



I would like to know if Moldflow considers the presence of weld line while writing the mechanical properties of the part? I have seen NO change in Tensile modulus plot at the weldline region (refer attached images).


So, when we integrate the flow results to Abaqus (using AMSA) to capture anisotropic material properties, does it consider the effect of weld line ?

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Re: Effect of weld line in mechanical properties of the part

09-28-2012 02:28 AM in reply to: klp2kor

AMSA maps Young's moduli, Poisson's ratio and Shear moduli.
(Beside this, possibility to transfer intial stresses and CTE.)
There is no transfer or mapping of weld line position itself.
If a change in mechanical properties because of weld line, that will be mapped as well.
What this will look like, depends on how weld line is formed.
The mechanical properties might vary inside of part.




Weld line mech prop.jpg

Berndt Nordh
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