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Re: Ear Flow

10-24-2013 02:51 AM in reply to: Maudet.Francois
Hi Francois,

Even I have experienced similar results for one of my ABS parts.
When I did the simulation at first with 3D mesh, I was not able to capture the flow perfectly, as we saw in the actual molding. It was the same weldline problem which we were not able to aniticipate in simulation.

After some experimentation we were able match with the actual flow. The first problem was mesh type. 3D was not able to capture that flow pattern, we were able to see it in Dual Domain mesh type. Secondly it was the material grade, we did not use the material which is used in actual. But it was same family plain ABS material. We got the actual flow after changing the mesh type and using the actual material grade.

So, I suggest you to try DD mesh and use exactly the same material grade for simulation as used in actual.
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