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Distance between cooling channels & component surface.

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11-07-2011 10:35 PM

Dear all,


I have read somewhere that minimum distance between cooling channels & component surface should be 1.5 times diameter of cooling channels.


Is there any result available in moldflow analysis results that will help us to decide distance between cooling channels & component ?




At least give us information that cooling channels are too closer.


because of this one can avoid local rapid cooling.


Kindly suggest. 


Thank you,


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Re: Distance between cooling channels & component surface.

11-08-2011 01:44 AM in reply to: plastr


there is no specific result in Autodesk Moldflow Insight showing the distances between cavity and cooling channels.

Generally the aim is to get uniform cooling of cavity, so look at temperature distribution of Cool result such as:
Temperature, mold result
Temperature, part result


In Help: Modeling > Cooling system
you will find detaled information on the topics Cooling Considerations and Cooling Circuits .

Hope this helps.

Berndt Nordh