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Deflection values in Warpage analysis

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09-22-2013 12:31 AM

Hello All, 


 I have a question related to deflection plot from a Fill+Pack+Warp analysis from AMI 2013. 

Are these deflection values calculated at the time of ejection of the part (Ejection temp) OR the deflection calculates till the part cools down to room temperature ?


Is the post molding shrinkage included in the warpage calculation of Warpage/deflection in AMI 2013 ??


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Re: Deflection values in Warpage analysis

09-25-2013 02:28 AM in reply to: klp2kor

I think moldflow does not consider post molding shrinkge.

For more info refer :

http://wikihelp.autodesk.com/search?source=help&product=Simulation Moldflow&q=deflection&language=ENU

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