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04-01-2014 05:12 AM

When I go to make a runner layout in moldflow, some of the curves are not connecting. When I go to mesh the curves, I do a preview and some of the nodes are red (the color I made them) and the preview nodes are purple. When I zoom in to see what the issue is, I notice that the curves are not attached to the nodes and this doesn't allow material to get to the part. Is anyone else having this issue and is there a way to fix it? I am using 3D and I never used to have this issue in duel domain.


See attached pictures for reference.

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04-01-2014 09:00 AM in reply to: ben_mendenhall

Ben, This is normal. What is happening is that the red nodes in your diagram are actually duplicated and overlapping, or they may be offset by a very small amount.


When this happens you should generate the mesh first. You can then merge the nodes manually or with the global merge command set to an extremely small value (like .0001 mm). Now, the beam elements will be connected. Curves do not need to connect with one another like in a CAD software, the only thing the solver "sees" is the beam elements. I have found it to be a best practice to check all runner system intersections like this and just run over them with the merge nodes command.