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Cross-WLF viscosity model-Ã2 for mixed materials

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01-28-2013 02:10 AM

Hello everybody,


I am wondering, how I can characterize mixed materials of more than one polymer.

To set the viscosity, for mixed polymers,


Ã2 depends on the type of material that has been considered, so how it varies

It would be linear?

Thanks for any help.

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Re: Cross-WLF viscosity model-Ã2 for mixed materials

02-04-2014 08:47 AM in reply to: jose_tckt


As far as I`ve noticed a single A2~ is associated with any thermoplastics.
It`s embedded in the WLF term which expresses the temperature dependency of eta0.

All you need to do is to measure the viscosity and fit curves to your measured data.
I normally keep A2~ =51.6K and D3=0 so to optimise only for A1, D1, n, tau* which give high accuracy fitting.

kindly hope this helps a bit.



p.s. do you know whether the viscosity data in MoldFlow`s database is always Bagley and Rabinowitsch corrected?

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