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Core (3D) property

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08-17-2012 04:24 AM

Hi All,


When i change the molding process to "Overmolding" the core (3d) property dissappears from the list to assign it to a set of elements. I have to go back to the regular injection molding process to assign the core 3d property and then change it back to overmolding process.


Also i notice that some of the elements from one volume are randomly assigned the properties of another volume. For example, some of my 2nd shot elements get assigned the 1st shot part property (despite having it fixed once). Some of my core elements get assigned the 1st shot part property.


From past experience i know that this happens not only during 2-shot overmolding but also during a simple core-deflection analysis.


Any one with similar experiences (uisng AMI-2012). Is this a bug???





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Re: Core (3D) property

08-21-2012 05:54 AM in reply to: nishit78


I will contact you directly, to investigate this further.




Berndt Nordh
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