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cooling in Fill+Pack Analysis

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10-09-2013 10:26 PM

HI all,


              During fill+pack analysis, in process setting dialogue box we are giving input for cooling by 2 ways one is automatic and another by specifying time. so my first question is what will be the cooling condition for given part in fill+pack analysis. based on what kind of cooling conditions it shows Frozen layer fraction, time to reach ejection temp. etc. plots. (as in this analysis we are not considering cooling channels.).


             My second question is, during fill+pack analysis, if we just model cooling channel along with meshed part then run the analysis will it counts the modeled cooling channel????




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Re: cooling in Fill+Pack Analysis

10-24-2013 03:07 AM in reply to: sujeshkanojia

Hi Suresh,


If we do not provide cooling channels, it will consider uniform mold temperature, and will meaure cooling time till all the nodes freeze 100%.

And I dont think it will consider cooling lines if you just run FIll+Pack.