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comprehension question: removing disconnected nodes

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08-23-2013 02:33 AM

Hello togehter


Did anybody knows what is happend in the backround after the meshing process?

In the log  file is the message removing disconnected nodes (2 times)

This step needs a very long time.


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Re: comprehension question: removing disconnected nodes

08-23-2013 04:23 AM in reply to: mueller1968

the mesher creates nodes and elements, further fixes, heals, optimizes nodes and elements, and hence creating additional nodes.
Not all nodes will be connected to any element after completion of meshing, hence disconnected nodes needs to be removed.

After mesher removed disconnected nodes the geometry and mesh is read in to Synergy to be displayed.
If a large mesh this will take a while. This could be experienced as taking long time.


Berndt Nordh
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