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Can I change RSP file location?

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08-26-2013 12:39 PM

RSP files are impacting disk space on my netapp storage system.  We are using Netapp's snapshots to back up our data, but the rsp's are so large and numerous that our snapshots are picking up these drastic changes in size causing them to grow dramatically and disk space is drying up quickly.  It is my understanding that rsp's are temporary files that are needed until an analysis is complete.  I need to keep my snapshot schedule as it is, so I'm wondering if there's a way to set up analyses so that they put the rsp files into a separate folder that I can create without snapshots while it outputs the actual results to a directory that does have snapshots.  Any help is greatly appreciated. 

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Re: Can I change RSP file location?

08-28-2013 12:27 AM in reply to: mondercin


.rsp-file is a Restart file for Fill+Pack analysis

Those files are stored in project folder, after completed analysis.
They cannot be stored in another folder.
Restart files enable steps in the analysis sequence that have already been run to be reused,
if they have not been invalidated by changes to the solver parameters or process settings.
For example, if you have previously run a Fill+Pack analysis sequence and change the packing profile settings,
then the filling phase results can be reused and only the packing phase needs to be reanalyzed if the restart files are available.
This capability is lost if the restart files have been deleted.

You can delete restart and solver interface files for a project:
S > Project > Compact
Note: The restart capability no longer exists if the restart files have been deleted.

Deleting temporary analysis files:
Temporary analysis files are kept for post-processing purposes.
These files can be manually removed to save disk space.
You can manually delete files with the following extensions and still keep all results:
 *.c2p, *.hbr, *.lsp, *.m3r, *.mab, *.opp, *.osp, *.ppc, *.rso, *.rsp.
Note: Restart capability is lost if you delete restart and solver interface files.

Above will free disk space.

Hope this helps.

Berndt Nordh