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Merging two nodes

Status: Comments Requested
by mppkumar on ‎09-03-2014 10:34 AM

Some times we may need to merge two nodes and the resultant node should form at the center of merged nodes.


is it possible to have a check box and if it is checked the resultant node will be at the center of merged nodes



M P Pradeep Kumar



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Moldlow Communicator on tablet

Status: Accepted
by csegard on ‎08-06-2014 01:30 AM



As Moldflow Communicator can be use to present results to customers, it could be a good idea to have this sofware supported on tablet (any OS).

it would allow to share in an easier way results.





Status: Accepted

Hi All,


The request is fair, and ... at the moment I can tell you that Communicator in its current form is not portable to non-windows platforms because several of the licensed components we use within out product simply are not supported on these operating systems.


Havind said that ... if you currently save a .mfr file to A360.autodesk.com, you can visualize the results in a standard browser. The functionality of this first viewer is very limited, and it will be replaced by a new platform that is in development within Autodesk. So what currently is there is not as fully featured and it will be replaced with something that's even newer. This is why we have not published this actively.


We understand the request though and agree that this is valid.

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Insert Annotation in MFR file

Status: New Idea
by renan.melhado on ‎06-20-2014 09:27 AM

The possibility to create a box in graphic area to make a annotation on result.
When you did a note in results, some times is difficult to describe the exactly point where will occur something wrong.
Solution Proposed

You create a annotation tool, like a box that you can put a mensagem and link to a Node or local in the model. And this box follow the model in graphic Area.
I think this will be good in two situation, first in ASMI or ASMI to create a results or MFR file and when will revise the result in Communicator.



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Valve gates in ASMA

Status: Accepted
by fabio.caires on ‎06-20-2014 08:17 PM

My sugestion is to create a possibility to simulate valve gates for a sequencial injection in ASMA Ultimate.

Status: Accepted
This has been a long standing request, and it's being considered.
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cutting plane should be same in locked studies

Status: Accepted
by Active Contributor phammer on ‎05-27-2014 02:43 AM



it would be good for analysis of several studies, if the studies are locked also the cutting plane would be the same in every study. 

would be helpfull.



Status: Accepted


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Sink marks estimate results

Status: New Idea
by xkoja.tomoyasu on ‎06-19-2014 12:33 AM

Our customer request you to display the Sink marks estimate results in the thick portion other than the boss geometry and a rib geometry.
Because he want to see the shrinkage of the thick portion.

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option to select a Feature line

Status: New Idea
by renan.melhado on ‎06-20-2014 09:18 AM



Feature line select, the possibility to select an edge or feature line in mesh for path plot or align nodes.




Currently, when you will make a path plot, you need select node by node to represent a edge. When you have a several study with differents meshes, this will take a long time.


Solution Proposed


A tool for select a feature line by nodes in order. Like you have in some Pre-processor tools (e.g. ANSA)


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Particle trace for Moldflow results

Status: New Idea
by isidmf99 on ‎06-06-2014 12:27 AM

I want a new result what called "Particle Trace" in CFD programs.


The function is, some chosen point in the part displays the stream line which shows the way

 plastics go and where it stops. 

It will be usefull to predict silver defects and moving airtraps.


In today's version I am using the "Flow Rate" arrows. But it is so difficult to interprete the

contnuity of the flow.


Thank you.     

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Power copy option

Status: New Idea
by Mentor on ‎05-05-2014 11:25 PM

Power copy option


There must be option to select some components of one study file &  copy them or paster them in another study file.


For example


If I need to add same feed system to other study file, I should be able copy the only feed system from that study file, should be directly paste in other study. file.

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The birefringence prediction moldflow does has gotten more accurate. It would be nice if it could take it one step further and run through the annealing portion of the process. The output would be the birefringence of the molded article after it has been heated and cooled to remove stresses. Seems like most of the information needed for the analysis is there.  Looks like competitor software has this capability.



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Drag and drop layers for sorting

Status: Accepted
by Contributor KaindlJ ‎02-11-2014 12:10 PM - edited ‎02-11-2014 12:11 PM

My team and I always sort layers in a specific order to make navigation easier between users - however I spend a lot more time than I would like to just reordering layers since one can only move a layer up or down 1 position in the order. It seems like a no-brainer to add the same drag-and-drop ability that is present in the studies pane. Folders would also be great, but even this would help.

Status: Accepted
We are working on this part of the code. If you are interested in having a conversation with our UX Designers, please send me an email: Hanno.van.raalte@autodesk.com
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Collapsed folders as default

Status: Comments Requested
by eknema1 on ‎01-27-2014 08:07 AM

When opening a project, all folders in the task pane expand fully by default.  In a project with a lot of studies, this can be a bit of a nuisance.  I usually have to collapse almost all the folder to get the most recent info visible within the window.  If the folders could reopen in the state (collapsed/expanded) in which they were when the project was closed, that would be ideal.  At the very least, making the default have a project open with all folder collapsed would be an improvement.

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layer functionalities

Status: Under Review
by timotheusruf on ‎06-25-2014 07:13 AM

1. if you point on a element, the corresponding layer could light up

2. the other way round, if you point on a layer, the corrensponding elements could light up


3. in the layers window there could be a additional column for the colour per elementtype

Status: Under Review
We are working on (1) and (2) and have prototypes. Please join our Beta program (beta.autodesk.com; User Research) to have an early look and provide feedback.
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Export the selcted components to a study file


There must be option to select some components of one study file &  export them to a study file.


For example:


If I need to add same feed system to other study file, I should be able to export the only feed system from that study file &  should be able to  add them directly in to other study file.

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There much be an Option to Change Occurrence number to multiple beam elements/ tri or tetra elements of different property type in one instance.


For example :


If I need to assign occurance number of one quarter of layout, which having beam lements of different size and type(i.e cold runner, hot runner, cold gate etc) & having tetra elements or tri-elements. I can't select all at a time and assign one value of occurnace number. I need to select each type & assign occurance number separately. I.e if it have 4 different type of elements. I need to repete the task 4 times.


Instead of this, there must be option to change occurnce number of all the selected elements( beam or tri or tetra elements)at a time. & vice versa.





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Save View per project, not per study (Moldflow)

Status: New Idea
by emka70 on ‎06-23-2014 01:45 PM

I would like to save view project based, not study based

Now I often have to re-save the view for multiple studies

BR Mark


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Properties of elements or beam should have 'layer information' ======================================================== It means it will be easy to find a location of layer, for which they belong to
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Size - Remelt zone

Status: New Idea
by hennsym on ‎07-22-2014 07:08 AM

Hello together,


for an analysis I have to evaluate the remelt zones in a Mold Flow simulation between the injected plastic and an thermoplast-based insert. Unfortunately the remelt zones in the model are only displayed visually.

For an quantitative compairision between different simulations it would be nice to get an value which reperesents the surface or the size of the remelt zone.

Is it somehow possible to get this information out of Mold Flow?


Many thanks in advance for all support. :smileyhappy:


Best regards,



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Warp result variation in log (MFA)

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor dinesh27mec on ‎05-16-2014 04:10 AM



Issue: In MFA warp result log we get results as  %  exceeding NMD & %  within NMD. While calculating the same, it assumes even 80-120% of NMD are within NMD. But there are chances that my part warpage deflection can be at 110% of NMD also , which is actually is not within NMD. 


Suggestion:  For avoiding confusion and to predict precise results we can have warp result log which says 80-100%  and 101-120% separately.




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If option provided  to create a centre line for cylindrical features will be  helpful to generate cooling channels.

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