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We Noticed many of material grades  around: 200 grades have been deleted from Moldflow 2014 database,

But we can able to re-run the Old study files in 2014.


When we have to work on new project, where we need to use the old material grades, which is no more with 2014.


If we would like use the old database from the previous study at our own risk, as moldflow no more owns the

resposibility for obsolote database.


Yes,  I agree, we need to request the mateial supplier for new UDB, till then.

There must be option to export or extract UDB file for old study.


For single shot injection molding analysis, we can add mesh to old study to carry forword the materilal base.

But for two shot mold it is not possible to use old data base.


If already there is an option, please do reply


Status: Solution Provided
You can import a .udb into a study. This import should also accept an (old) .sdy file (last time I checked). Note that old materials are removed as part of maintenance. In many cases the material is no longer sold.
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