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Merging two nodes

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by Contributor mppkumar on ‎09-03-2014 10:34 AM

Some times we may need to merge two nodes and the resultant node should form at the center of merged nodes.


is it possible to have a check box and if it is checked the resultant node will be at the center of merged nodes



M P Pradeep Kumar



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Collapsed folders as default

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by eknema1 on ‎01-27-2014 08:07 AM

When opening a project, all folders in the task pane expand fully by default.  In a project with a lot of studies, this can be a bit of a nuisance.  I usually have to collapse almost all the folder to get the most recent info visible within the window.  If the folders could reopen in the state (collapsed/expanded) in which they were when the project was closed, that would be ideal.  At the very least, making the default have a project open with all folder collapsed would be an improvement.

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Properties of elements or beam should have 'layer information' ======================================================== It means it will be easy to find a location of layer, for which they belong to
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I understand the spirit of hte request. I would suggest you try the Highlight Layer option in the 2016 beta and let me know if this solves the issue. This allows you to find the layer at which element is located and also show which elements are on a specific layer.

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Hybrid Meshes

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by Jacky1187 on ‎12-13-2013 01:25 AM

Hello all together,


to speed up the simulation, hybrid meshes would be advantageous.


For example Sigmasoft takes voxal meshes and this mesh is more tolerat of CAD problems. The calculation time for a compled Mould is very fast.


To decrease the preparation time and  computation time hybrid meshes can help.


It would be possible to simulat very large models in 3D.


Greeting Michael

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Hi Michael and Harald, My personal goal is to remove 'meshing' as a skill we have to teach the user in order to get fast and reliable answers. And we do spend time every release to improve the meshing and the solvers, but this is certainly not a 'done' problem. I do want to provide a little context though. 1) Voxelation provides a very fast and robust mesh generation path. We actually developed what is probably one of the fastest voxel meshers available for other reasons, so we are very familiar with the technology. We did not develop it to replace our normal meshes as as there it comes with very significant sacrefices in appearance and run times (you generate very very large meshes). 2) Within Moldflow we can generate several different mesh types, and each works a bit differently, and depending on the starting geometry type, the meshing path may be different (this expalins why meshing on an STL or a Solid CAD model will give you different meshes on the same gemoetric part). Within the meshers there are typically a few steps that predeed or follow the 'mesh generation' like mesh imprinting and matching. These post meshing steps can take significant time compared to the brute mesh generation, but in the end pay back in better analysis results. For some pieces of some meshing paths we license technology (not Distine :-) ), but very significant pieces were developed internally and are continued to be developed. 3) In the last few releases (since 2013 I believe) we have improved the tolerance of the solver for dealing with meshes that are not pristine and perfect. Appart from this being a good idea, there is simply no way that we can guarantee that the initial starting geometry is good enough to create a pristine mesh. More work still needs to be done, but I have seen many customers spending too much time fixing the meshes up perfection, whereas the 'default' mesh would have given nearly the same analysis result. 4) Lastly, I agree that the meshing controls in Moldflow could use an overhaul. It's not as interactive as you would hope it would be. Thank you for your valuable input on this topic.
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Shrinkage analysis for 3D

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by *Expert Elite* on ‎04-01-2014 03:45 AM

Shrinkage analysis should be available for 3D mesh, as most of the things are available in 3d mesh now, which were not possible in previous versions

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Simulation of air cooling

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by *Expert Elite* on ‎09-18-2013 11:00 PM

Simulation of air cooling


1. Air as a coolant

2.Simulation of air sprayed cooling systems

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I've heard the use of air as a coolant medium a few times recently. The main reason that for its use seems to be that air as a cooling medium has low pressure requirements and would allow very thin coolant cross sections. I'd be interested in hearing more on this. Could you provide more insight into 'air sprayed cooling systems'.
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moldflow should be able to estimate the time for analysis.


when ever, we are launch an analysis, moldflow should be able to pop up tentative time to complete the analysis.


it should be based RAM/ memory / processor availble/solver settings and number of nodes/elements





Status: Comments Requested
I would like to have other people's perspective on this; if this is a significant amount of work involved (that we would for instance not dedicate to for instance accuracy) and the time estimate would be a very very rough ball park, it this worth doing?
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It would be great to have the core shift functionality available in the reactive molding solver.



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need of compatibility with older Material data base (*.UDB) file.


With recent release, we are facing problem with using available Material data base (*.UDB) file, which are not compatible with latest release.


Or else, we need to request raw material  supplier to create updated UDB to support latest release.


Due to compatibility, many times projects are getting delayed.

Status: Comments Requested

This is most likely because old CRIMS data will not be applicable for a newer version. You have to re-select the material data, which I agree should be improved (e.g. "should I select the new material data from the latest database for you? yes/no).


Other than that, materials get romoved from the database upon request of the tester of the data (often the material supplier).


If your cases are different, please let me know

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In Options of synergy, default display tab.


There must be a option to 'set visibility/hide' to Triangle, node, tetra elements, surface & curves.

with existing options like solid, solid+elements, transparent, transparent+element & shrunken.


So that we can switch of the visibility to unwanted enities, when study is ready to run analysis

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Good day,


Autodesk simulation moldflow should implement the de-coupled 3 molding.




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Hi Ethaya,


Can you provide a bit more context, for instance a link to a article or video?



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