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strange results from adding a filler to a material

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07-07-2010 11:07 AM

Does anyone have experience with running simulations after adding a filler to a specific material? I'm working with a material that is 5% by weight cork added to Natureworks PLA and when I run the simulation the filler appears to have no affect whatsoever. I would expect it to have at least a small effect, no?



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Re: strange results from adding a filler to a material

08-06-2010 05:26 AM in reply to: sbrreed

NatureWorks PLA has no grade with cork as filler in material database of Autodesk Moldflow Adviser 2011.
No other available PLA grades has cork as filler.

The material viscosity is characterized (measured) with or without out filler.
The raw data is then datafitted to get viscosity coefficients for analysis. So it is a unique materialdata set.
Adding or changing filler percent by editing material filler data will not change the viscosity behaviour or the viscosity coefficents for the material data.

The material with different filler content has to be measured and datafitted to get viscosity coeffcients for analysis.

Further, change of filler content will change thermal, mechanical and PVT properties too - to which extent depend on material family and filler type and filler content - meaning those properties might need to be considered to be tested as well.

Suggest you contact the material supplier and ask them for a material file (udb-file) that will work for what you are looking for.

Or if you have measured data, raw data, of material you can contact datafittingmoldflow@autodesk.com
and get measured data fitted and an udb-file for analysis in return.
(material supplier might have measured data on this material?)


Berndt Nordh
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