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Some strange shrinkage results in AMA 2010 rev 1 - 3D vs. 3D high resolutio

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08-12-2009 01:03 AM

I've encountered an "issue" that I was addressed by one of my clients. They wanted to run a shrinkage analysis on a model with large wall thicknesses and the analysis came up with some strange results.

With a "normal" 3D mesh the results were almost identical to the results I got after importing the study to Insight and running the analysis there. But with the High Resolution option turned on (3D mesh, AMA201-R1) the results indicated a 0.9 mm deep "Sink Mark, estimated" that was nowhere to be seen on the same study in Insight.

I was wondering about what could possibly gone wrong with the analysis? (I've tried to move the injection location to investigate the effect of it's position to the Sink Mark and also played a bit with the material and settings... Nothing.)

I would appreciate any suggestions about what could cause that enormous sink mark only with the High Accuracy setting on!


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Re: Some strange shrinkage results in AMA 2010 rev 1 - 3D vs. 3D high resolutio

10-23-2009 07:25 AM in reply to: solymossy
Did you try to get support by phone yet ? Have you already got a reply ?
The result looks like that the elements does not fit to the shape/ surface-is that right ?
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