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single .igs import lead to double cooling channels

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11-22-2013 04:25 AM



everytime I want to import cooling channel layouts using .igs-files they turn out to have a hexagonal cross section. After deleting one channel after another, the circular shape appears and the channel can be used.


what the heck do I do wrong?




H. Stötzel

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Re: single .igs import lead to double cooling channels

11-27-2013 05:22 AM in reply to: h.stoetzel


not sure if you have sorted this out already.


When I tested this, when exporting lines to iges, it imported as expected to Adviser.

No hexagonal cross-section.


I can repeat your issue, if I copy the lines in cad system, and overlay them exacly, exporting lines to iges, then import to Adviser

I see the hexagonal cross-sections, and can repeat what you see.


So it seems as your sending cad system has duplicated lines when creating the iges file.

I think you have to review the lines in cad system, and how that system write out to iges file.


Hope this helps.




Berndt Nordh
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