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Questions regarding Fill Summary

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10-26-2009 07:37 AM
I'm relatively new to the MoldFlow Advisor product, but have done a few simulations and run thru the options. I have a few questions for the group:

What is used to make the calculations in the Fill Summary? We have a program that does calculations for us and they are very different from what MoldFlow provides. One item is that I have uploaded a single part which is to be in a 2 cavity mold. The moldflow clamp force area predicted was 15.9 cm^2 and our own program predicts ~35cm^2

Another item is the Max & Min temp & cooling time variance. The MIN values are negative. How is a negative variance possible for these temps & time?
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Re: Questions regarding Fill Summary

11-23-2009 07:22 AM in reply to: chadzeilenga
There are usually pretty good explanations of the results in the online help. Start by looking under help/results, or by using Help/What's this on once of the results.

As far as the clamp force results, This is dependent on two things, the projected area in the Z axis and the pressure to fill. If the die draw of your part is not oriented to match the Z axis in Adviser, you will not get accurate clamp force results. Did you only used a single cavity for the Moldflow analysis compared to two cavities for your internal program?

The Temperature variance and Cooling time variance show the variation from the average. That's how negative numbers are possible. My pet peeve has been that the software will not give you the average that it is varying from. For actual cooling times, go to the Quality Prediction plot and use the traffic light and examine result commands. This will give you a Time to reach ejection temperature result.
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