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Moldflow/Inventor integration

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03-12-2009 03:53 AM
I have the Moldflow Plastics Adviser installed in Inventor as a drop-down
from Tools - Moldflow Plastics Advisers - Export to Plastics Advisers.

I believe I'm among very few (if not the only one) having this setup in my
region, as most users have the whole Moldflow package and not only the
Inventor integration.

How will this be affected in the future?


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Re: Moldflow/Inventor integration

03-13-2009 08:44 AM in reply to: *Peer Hoffmann
Hello Peer,

The Autodesk Inventor integration (plug-in actually) will continue to be supported. As you may know, we have just announced the commercial release of Autodesk Moldflow 2010 products. The product previously known as, Moldflow Plastics Advisers has been renamed to, Autodesk Moldflow Adviser. We have also changed the release version number convention to follow the standard Autodesk release convention. Thus, the new product release number is "2010".

This new Autodesk Moldflow Adviser 2010 supports the Inventor plug-in.

If you have additional questions about the new release, please contact your local support team.


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Re: Moldflow/Inventor integration

03-19-2009 03:28 AM in reply to: *Peer Hoffmann
For a short while the autodesk.moldflowadvisor nntp-group was up and
running, and I submitted the OP question.
This group is now removed and can only be found on this web-forum that my local support team pointed out to me (thanks Berndt).

Will it be back again on the nntp-side?


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Re: Moldflow/Inventor integration

03-31-2009 11:48 AM in reply to: *Peer Hoffmann

NNTP access is still available, but we needed to change the URL after your initial post (my fault for an embarassing typo). Here are the new URLs:



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