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Moldflow 2013 Service Packs and Language Packs are available on Sub Center.

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06-21-2012 03:09 PM


Dear Moldflow Users,


Service Pack 1 and Language Packs are now available for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight, Synergy, Adviser 2013. In addition to this there is a language pack for Autodesk Simulation DFM 2013


To access and download these Service Packs, please go to Subscription.autodesk.com, and log in. Under the header 'Product Enhancements' you should find the links to your product update. You may need to click on 'View all available product enhancements' to get the full list in case you have many Autodesk products on actives subscription.


In case you have not installed the 2013 FCS product yet, you can also download the full installers of Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight, Synergy and Adviser which include Service Pack 1. To to this, log into subscription center as described above. Then click on the big 'Get Your Upgrade' button. Then in the top right corner you find a Product Search field. You can type 'Autodesk Simulation", and you will see a list of products including the Moldflow products you have subscription on. You can then select and install the relevant product with your serial number and product key.



Service Pack 1 for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight 2013 contains fixes for:


* 3D Cool/Flow/Warp just can use 2 cores on a Win-XP 64bits PC with 8 cores.
* Mesh Thickness Diagnostic shows 0 mm for all entities with 2013 direct IGES import.
* Synergy crash when exit application after Midplane/DD thickness mesh diagnostics.
* 'Shrinkage compensation' plot property option available in irrelevant results.
* Animation on 3D Volumetric shrinkage contour plot not working properly




Service Pack 1 for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser 2013 contains fixes for:


* 3D Cool/Flow/Warp just can use 2 cores on a Win-XP 64bits PC with 8 cores.
* Fixed installation using deployment issue


Hanno van Raalte,

Product Manager for Autodesk Simulation Moldflow products
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