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Modification of material data

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01-08-2014 11:37 PM

Hi everybody,


is it possible to modify the material data in MFA?

I found a function to edit the material in the user interface 'Project and study tasks'.

I changed some parameters like density or the rheological properties c1 and c2. But the simulation stops at 10% warp.
Is this just a display for some data of the MFA database or do i really change the properties? Because in 'shrinkage properties' is no data for the shrinkage (Ultramid A3WG10).


Thank your for your help.




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Re: Modification of material data

01-10-2014 04:56 AM in reply to: johannes.treude

yes, it is possible to modify material data in Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser.
You can edit the material data for the current study, and it seems how you tried it.

You can also create a personal material database file, copy the material data from official material database, and edit data.
By this you can rename material name, and be in better control of material data used.

In Tools > New
Property type: Thermoplastics material
Name: click button with three dots "..." to change name.
File will be in folder such as
C:\Users\user_name\Documents\My ASMA 2014 Projects\udb
and named with extension .21000.udb such as for example: my_materials.21000.udb
The name of this file will be in Manufacturer list when selecting, and in bottom of list.
You can have one or more materials in the personal database.
Please, have a look in Help and:
ASMA Help >  User's Guide > Materials and databases

for more information.


You really change the material properties.
Changing material data should be done by care, and carefully reviewed, as this affects the results.

If you see no data in material detatails and tab Shrinkage data, the material has not been characerized on shrinkage data in the plastics lab.

Hope this clarifies and helps.


Berndt Nordh