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High cooling time

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04-08-2013 08:17 PM

I am trying to reduce the cooling time for a single cavity mold. The material I used was Impact Copolymer.The hot sprue, hot runners, hot gate, and cooling channel setup was kept constant. A couple of things I wanted to ask/confirm:


1) Lowering the mold temperature increases the cycle time (Which is not supposed to happen from theory)

2) Changing the Melt Flow Rate does not have any effect on the cycle time

3) Time to eject the part from the cooling analysis does not match the cooling time presented in the overall cycle time

4 Changing the water flow rate does not have any effect on cycle time


I ran all these with the Cool,and Fill+Pack analysis. Is there any otherway I could reduce the cycle time? The cooling channel analysis already showed that the part can be easily cooled.


When making a single cavity hot runner mold, does the hot sprue, runner, and gate have to be all in one plane (plane A)? Can the gate be in plane B and the runners and sprue in plane A?


Is there a rule of thumb for the height of plane A, plane B, and the % of mold size?


When I ran a gate freeze study using fill+pack analysis, is it accurate without the cool analysis?