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Exporting model from SolidEdgeST

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08-20-2010 03:51 AM


I am using Solid Edge ST for modeling. Moldflow gives me opportunity of synchronising with the aplication, and I chose it. Found "export to moldflow adviser" option in solid edge and everything seems to import quite well, analyses are running etc.

BUT what makes me wonder is when I move the cursor above a study Name, it says "No CAD model".


When, before, I imported the model using conversion to .STL there was stated (when moving curson on study name) "filename.stl".


My questions are:

- should I worry? does it change anything? like processing the whole model at every single analysis once again?

- is the automatic import BEST option I can get? (STL's can cause problems, they had to be cleaned etc)


I have Moldflow Adviser 2010 build 09034-001.


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Re: Exporting model from SolidEdgeST

08-23-2010 10:22 AM in reply to: jurij.lasic



Name of model : No, you don't have to worry, it will not change anything.


Best transfer : If you have an AMDL license, you could try using CAD format. But it could depends of the way your designer are working with the CAD model.

What I would look at, is how small details are transferred. If it has a good enough resolution, and model seems to transfer without problems, stick with what you have.

You will not get much benefits of using another method.

If you have issue with transferin gmodel, do not hesitate to simplify feature which wouldn't impact a filling simulation, like text, small fillets, etc...



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