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Export temperature distributions to Simulation Multiphysics

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08-13-2012 02:21 AM



for a project i need to export the temperature distribution after the moldflow process over the part into multiphysics. 

I want to set this temperature distribution as a boudary condition in multiphysics. 


Will this be possible? 



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Re: Export temperature distributions to Simulation Multiphysics

08-13-2012 10:21 AM in reply to: s6joknoe



There is not an automatic process to get the temperature results from Moldflow into Simulation Mechanical/Multiphysics.


I do not want to assume that I understand what you are doing with the temperatures, so it would be helpful if you can answer these questions:

  1. What analysis type are you doing in Mechanical/Multiphysics?
  2. What effect will the temperatures have on the analysis? (Cause expansion? Affect the temperature dependent material properties? Something else?)


If it can be done manually, the difficulty is getting the temperature at the coordinate of the nodes in Mechanical/Multiphysics. If you can export the mesh from Moldflow in a format that Mechanical/Multiphysics can read (use the "File > Open" command and then the files of type drop-down to see the supported formats), it would be easier to do the work with the same mesh.


  • If the meshes are the same, then the next step is to match the nodes in the Moldflow mesh to the nodes in the Mechanical/Multiphysics mesh. This could be done relatively easily in Excel once you get the coordinates of the nodes from both packages.


  • If the meshes are not the same, the difficulty is getting the temperature at the coordinate that corresponds to all of the node locations in Mechanical/Multiphysics. I do not know if the Moldflow API has a function that would do that or not. If it did, that would be ideal because you could write a program to get the temperatures at nodes 1 through N. If the Moldflow API does not have that capability, it is probably too much work to write an interpolation routine to do the calculation yourself.


John Holtz, P.E.
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Re: Export temperature distributions to Simulation Multiphysics

08-14-2012 01:17 PM in reply to: INACTIVE_AstroJohn

The answers to your questions:

1. I want to do a transient thermal analysis

2. I need the temperature as start temperature for the thermal analysis. The temperature has no further effects. 


I tried to import some of the files i can safe or export in AMA. My problem is, the only file type witch I can export out of AMA is a .udm file. I think this file contains the temperature and coordinates of the mesh-nodes. But I have no idea how I can import this into multiphysics. 

In Multiphysics i need a .to file to set a individual start-temperature for each node. 

I think AMA doesn't work with a pre-given mesh - it re-meshes the part, so I can´t associate the temperature in the .udm file to the nodes of a, .stl or .stp file. 


I hoped AMA could export the temperature to Multiphysics or has a Plugin for it. 

Where can i find some information about the structure of the .udm file? 


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Re: Export temperature distributions to Simulation Multiphysics

08-14-2012 11:39 PM in reply to: s6joknoe


Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Adviser does not have the export of results feature as described.
You need Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Synergy/Insight for this.
In Moldflow Synergy you have different result export options.
You can also customize by API.

Regarding transient thermal analysis, if this is for the mold cooling cycle, this can be simulated in Moldflow Insight Cool FEM.


Berndt Nordh