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Direct (sprue) gate

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07-23-2013 10:33 AM



i am studying the case of center-gated disk. So my dimensions are R = 57mm and thickness = t = 1.5mm.

From what i have understood, a direct gate is only a tapered cold sprue. So from the center of the disk, going

on z axis, i made a sprue of length = 51.5 + t = 53 mm. I searched and i found that average sprue lengths start

from 51 mm - 76 mm. So i wanted to keep it as short as possible. So i created a sprue with a start diameter

of 6 mm (injection side) and an end diameter of 3 mm (meeting cavity side).


So am i ok with the dimensions or should i create a gate too ? I am asking cause after the analysis, the presure

seems to be 0, all along the disk. Something is not going on well ..., that's why i am asking if i should make a gate, too.


Thanks and waiting for someone's reply,



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Re: Direct (sprue) gate

08-30-2013 05:02 AM in reply to: psofiagida

this topic was posted a while ago, and maybe you already sorted it out.

If you get 0 pressure in result, it seems as the sprue/gate is not connected to cavity.
You need an injection location on cavity.
Model as Single cavity.
Then a gate and a sprue, with dimension of sprue.


Adviser Disc Sprue Gate 130830.PNG

Berndt Nordh